To: Whittington Health NHS Trust Board

Keep Rydon Out Of Our Hospital

Keep Rydon Out Of Our Hospital

The hospital Board MUST immediately terminate their contract with Ryhurst (Rydon)
Do NOT selloff any NHS property
Do NOT reduce any health services currently provided by Whittington Health
Do NOT cause any Whittington staff member to lose their job due to the Estate Strategy

Why is this important?

The Whittington Hospital Board have decided to appoint Ryhurst, a subsidary of Rydon, to co-ordinate and manage the proposed Estates Strategy. This is the company that refurbished Grenfell Tower, prior to the devastating and tragic fire, and more locally the Chalcots Estate.

There has been no community consultation regarding this irresponsible, insensitive and crass decision to appoint Ryhurst. We do not want to see parts of the Whittington Estate, covering community and in-patient health care across Haringey and Islington, sold off. Ryhurst will be entitled to share the proceeds with the hospital - to pocket OUR health funds, paid out of OUR health taxes. Staff could lose jobs and health service provision could be cut.

Reasons for signing

  • Outraged by the decision to hand over parts of the Whittington Estate to a greedy and unscrupulous private company.
  • Lack of transparency and credibility in the deal Call me cynical but I smell a rat namely huge quantities of ‘favours’ exchanging hands
  • The NHS is for the taxpayers, not private interest groups.


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