To: Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust

Keep this man near his friends and family

Keep this man near his friends and family

Re-house Richard within 5 miles of North Marston (although ideally in North Marston)

Why is this important?

Richard had a riding accident which left him in a wheelchair with spinal injuries 4 and a half years ago. He has to leave his BCC tenancy farm where he has lived for 46 years as his father has died and he was not allowed to take over the tenancy.
He has unpredictable weakness in all limbs and needs 3 people to do any physio safely. He was only given 1 hour of physio every 4 weeks by the NHS and needed amulance transport to get to SMH for it so it was cancelled after a few weeks as he was too tired by the time he got there for it to be worthwile. So his friends and family who all live in North Marston or within 5 miles have set up a rota and each evening we get him out of his chair and walk a few steps and do physio on his hands which are like claws if physio is missed for a few days. Richard has suffered from sever depression since the accident and this bit of respite and regular visits has given him a new lease of life. He is in an electric wheelchair so cannot use public transport. His two small sons also live within North Marston and he loves to go in is wheelchair to school and see them... all this will be denied if he gets moved out o the vilage. He has a live in carer due to his dependency and cannot move himself or take care of any basic needs without her help.
There is a VAHT property in North Marston tht has been empty for 9 months. It needs some adaptions but as I understand it grants are available It doesn't currently have a wet room but nor does his current property as he was refused a grant to adapt it by BCC.


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Reasons for signing

  • Hew deserves our support
  • Because Richard and his family have been a part of the North Marston community for many years he should be able to remain near for their continued support
  • I have known Richard 30 years and want him to be looked after


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