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To: The UK Government

Keep UK maternity rights if we leave the EU

Protect women's maternity rights in the UK if we leave the EU.

Why is this important?

Maternity rights protect every woman in the UK. They make sure we aren’t passed over for promotion due to being on maternity leave or that we can come back to the same (or similar) job after time away.

Here are the main maternity rights under threat, let's make sure they're protected as we leave the EU:

Maternity leave of up to a year
Maternity pay for 39 weeks
Reasonable paid time off for ante-natal appointments (and the ability for partners to now accompany you)
Contractual rights should continue during maternity leave, including accrual of holidays and pension contributions
The right to return to the same job if taken up to 26 weeks’ leave and right to return to a similar position if over 26 weeks
Redundancy protection
Protection from dismissal and detriment due to pregnancy/maternity leave


Reasons for signing

  • We should keep these rights because if we didn't, life would be a lot harder for women. Its harsh, to say the least, but people should understand that lots of people take these rights for granted. If they changed, only then most people would notice how negative the effects are. So I signed because it is entirely necessary.
  • We must ensure that post-Brexit governments don't dilute hard-won and fair treatment of people who both wish to work hard for our country now and work hard to ensure it has a bright future by investing time in our children. There's a real danger that the call to make Britain 'open to the world' results in a race to the bottom and disadvantage many people in the name of competitiveness and accommodating the will of countries with a poorer rights record.
  • This protects our right to have a family and a career.


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