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To: Kent County Council

Keep Libraries Open in Kent

Keep Libraries Open in Kent

Don't reduce the opening hours for libraries in Kent, maintain our libraries' existing hours and develop a plan to improve this vital service and get more people using it.

Why is this important?

Kent County Council are planning to cut the opening hours at 99 libraries. Libraries are a vital source of learning and education. They are a vital public good we cannot do without. People of all ages can enjoy borrowing and reading books, DVDs and CDs, using the internet, reading newspapers and speaking and spending time with others.

The plans could mean large numbers of libraries opening for less time. Library chiefs have already drawn up suggested opening hours and some could see big reductions.

For more information on the libraries facing cut in opening hours across Kent, see this article: All the Kent libraries facing a cut in their opening hours in cost-cutting move:


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Reasons for signing

  • Some libraries already have reduced hours...and now they want to cut back again. Wrong.
  • Books are important to all ages
  • Libraries are an essential element in the fabric of local communities.


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