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Kurdistan Independence

Kurdistan Independence

Support an Independent State of Kurdistan

Why is this important?

The Kurds are indigenous nation who historically have always inhabited their own land, Kurdistan, Land of the Kurds, which stretches over the mountainous chain of the Zagros region and its plains, with a population of more than 40 million, who have retained their societal culture and have preserved their own languages and culture, are perhaps the only nation on earth who are still stateless.
After the demise of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurds were divided among four newly invented states in the Middle East, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria, forming entirely a different ethnic minority in each state while the Kurds were made to lose their own identity in the newly created arbitrary countries, these were compromising homogeneous national groups, their by denying the existence of other national groups within their own borders.
The signing of the armistice agreement on 30 October 1918 which signaled the demise of the Ottomans has paved the way for the Treaty of Sevres on 10 August 1920, effectively allowing the allied powers in dividing the Ottoman Empire to implement the Sykes –Picot agreement of 1916 which created artificial countries in the Middle East by drawing a line in the sand and instead of delivering the Kurds from the Ottoman Empire, it marked the beginning of their oppression throughout the Middle EastSubsequent events and the new upheaval in the Middle East, including the falls of successive dictatorial regimes, the rise of radicalism and sectarianism, have added to the instability of the region, created new realities on the ground and have shown that old artificial borders are bound to fail.
Our Kurdish leaders as well as the whole of the Kurdish nation have joined in, in demanding to have their own independent Kurdistan.
The Kurds are the most freedom loving nations but also the most victimised nation throughout their modern history on this planet, who believe in liberty and democracy, therefore we ask you to support our petition to the British and European Parliaments to lend the Kurds full support in achieving their goals in having an independent state.
With our sincere gratitude and regards
On and behalf of PNKs

Dr Khoshnaf Al-Kadi
2017-07-16, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Every nation right to self determination and the right to be free . Why not the Kurds who inhabits their own historic native land, the size of 5 European countries put together and have a population of at least 40 millions. Your support is support for liberty, freedom, democracy, human rights, stability in the Middle East and against the terrorists ISIS.
  • Have campaigned for Kurdish self-determination for 40 years but never thought I'd live long enough to see it happen - even in part of the land.
  • Please sign if you believe in the rights of nations for self determination


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