To: The UK Government

Label 'GM-Fed' animal products for consumption

Label 'GM-Fed' animal products for consumption

To pass a bill that makes it illegal (with a very heavy fine) to not label any food products, derived from animals that have been fed Genetically Engineered (called Genetically Modified) animal feed, as such.

Why is this important?

We should have the right to know about how our food is produced, so that we can choose to consume it, or not to. Therefore clear labelling is very important.
Also it should be a basic Human Right to be able to avoid food, if it can make us ill.
It is suspected that at least 27 people died and over 1500 to 2000 people became permanently disabled (and still awaiting a cure), after consuming a genetically engineered food supplement called 'L Tryptophan' some years ago [This can easily be checked by googling 'Tryptophan + GM Deaths'. Also see below in red box].
On a personal level, 'GM-Fed' animal products have been making me ill, since my local food shops have been selling them unlabelled these past approximate 8 years.
It is clear to me that playing about with Nature's deep foundations is not a safe thing to do, coming from our still highly undeveloped level of consciousness.
Please support this petition.

How it will be delivered

By sending the electronic petition as an e-mail to the then current Prime Minister, when we reach such a large number of signatures that this can not be disregarded. Then I will continue to publicize it until we get satisfaction.


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Here is more information from my recent research from the web site of 'Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology'
Apparently when the company Showa Denko produced this L-Tryptophan from genetically engineered bacteria, it was 99.6% pure, but in the remaining 0.4% there appeared from virtually nowhere 2 dangerous toxins created by the (GM) process, that caused the deaths and paralysis to these people.

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There is a slight pause in distribution, while I sort out adding an appropriate picture to this petition campaign. Mike.