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To: Witney Town Council

Help us cross the road safely!

Help us cross the road safely!

Our petition calls for the Witney Town Council to place a zebra crossing on Station Lane between the on-road entrance to Sainsbury's and the entrance to the Two Rivers Estate opposite.

Why is this important?

Guideposts Trust runs a day community service, and our service users- all of whom have a Learning Disability- have to cross the road here daily.
Thousands of cars speed down this busy road every single day, which makes finding a safe space to cross over extremely difficult and dangerous. Alongside this, almost every office/company situated in Two Rivers crosses here too, so we know we aren't alone.
Please sign our petition today and secure a safer environment for those who live and work in the affected area.

WITNEY, Witney, Oxfordshire

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Reasons for signing

  • Pedestrians need safe access to pedestrian routes. Usable by everyone. Good Luck with your campaign…….
  • Surely this is a no brainer!
  • A crossing here would make life so much safer for the people with a learning disability who use Guideposts' day service, and for everyone on the Station Lane estate!


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