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To: Food standards Agency

List the chemicals used in the production of foods sold in our shops.

Clearly display a list of all the agrochemicals including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, hormones, growth agents and fertilisers, preservatives, detergents and chemical processes used in the production of our foods. Knowledge of the dangers to health of these chemicals need to be freely available so people can make an infomed choice.

Why is this important?

How can we choose to eat healthily if we don't know what's in our foods? We know that many of the chemical used in growing and processing our food have deleterious effect on health, but if we don't know what they are we cannot safely avoid them.
For instance "Roundup" has been found in many cereal based foods, such as bisquits, breads and breakfast cereals and has been linked to hormonal, reproductive interference and to cancers (Scientific American). Roundup is used by almost every farmer in the US and the UK. There are 47 different pesticides used on apples. 4 are known or probable carcinogens, 16 are suspected hormone disrupters, 5 are neurotoxins, 6 are developmental and reproductive toxins and 11 are honeybee toxins ( Apples are supposed to be good for you!
The public need to be informed of the toxins in the food they buy and eat.


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