To: Plymouth City Council and Oakwood Primary Academy

Lollipop person at Oakwood Academy school in Plymouth

Lollipop person at Oakwood Academy school in Plymouth

To reinstate a lollipop person who will help children cross a very busy road at school times

Why is this important?

This is about the health and safety of the children of surrounding areas. We need a lollipop person to protect them from being hit by vehicles. A young girl was recently hit just outside the school and more children are at risk of harm unless action is taken to make the crossing safer.

You can read more about the issue here:

Southway drive Oakwood Academy School

Reasons for signing

  • I live near by and it's for the safety of children.
  • Children need to be kept safe.
  • A friends daughter goes to this school and we don't want any more injuries or possible deaths outside the school. All children deserve to be safe.


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