To: Sefton MBC

Make Sefton a Frack-free Zone

Make Sefton a Frack-free Zone

We the undersigned urge Sefton MBC to put an immediate ban on any type of conventional or unconventional oil or gas exploration, to protect our environment and promote renewable energy. We urge the council to make Sefton a frack-free zone.

Why is this important?

Unconventional oil and gas extraction (“fracking”) will have an impact on our countryside, climate and local communities. It uses vast quantities of fresh water and chemicals and, as we have seen in America and Australia, this type of extraction has a detrimental impact on our natural resources, the environment, health, noise and air pollution, traffic and local communities. Fracking has also been known to cause earthquakes. The people of Sefton do not want this type of extraction taking place in any part of the borough.

Metropolitan Borough of Sefton

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Reasons for signing

  • Just look at the landscape around fracking sites in USA
  • I live on the moss. Don't want our area destroyed. It is supposed to be conservation. How can the council give permission. Are they getting paid to do this .
  • I don't want the beautiful area to be carved up and put up with the environment being ruined. They will be so much intrusion right were we have to live, noise. Unsightly machines, all of the muck from the fields with the trucks they will drive onto the lanes, then then the unsightly view when we look out of the windows. All of our special wildlife will dissapear for good.


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Aurora Energy have submitted plans to Frack Altcar, it's in drill reach of Formby Please ask friends to sign our petition

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