To: Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

Marvin Rees: deliver your promise to ban glyphosate in Bristol

Marvin Rees: deliver your promise to ban glyphosate in Bristol

We call on Marvin Rees to commit to a city-wide ban on the use of glyphosate weed killers in Bristol’s public spaces, by 2021 latest. Bristol City Council is still spraying this toxic chemical in our streets, parks and housing estates. In his election campaign, Marvin promised to make this stop – two years later, its time to deliver.

Why is this important?

In 2016, Marvin Rees promised us action on glyphosate – a toxic weed killer still used in Bristol despite its links to cancer and other health harms for humans and wildlife.

Marvin said he would ban glyphosate and carry out a city-wide trial of alternatives. He said he would review the Council’s weed control contracts for housing and streets. The Bristol Labour party said it would “stop using harmful pesticides”.

BUT none of this has happened – and incredibly, the Council now insists glyphosate is a “safe product” after angry parents reported the spraying of glyphosate outside a nursery school, just as the children arrived. It also told local media “there are no current plans to use alternative methods”.

Meanwhile, the evidence linking glyphosate to cancer is growing. In a recent landmark case in California, chemical giant Monsanto has been found liable for a terminally ill man’s cancer, caused by a herbicide containing glyphosate, known as Roundup.

Why the U-turn, Marvin? Bristol’s people, pets and wildlife deserve better. There are reports of glyphosate being sprayed with no warning near to school children, and of cats and dogs poisoned by licking treated weeds.

To show our Mayor that Bristol citizens mean business when it comes to a toxic-free city, please sign this petition. Other local authorities including Edinburgh, North Somerset, Lewes and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are starting to ditch glyphosate, why not Bristol?


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Reasons for signing

  • A former "European Green Capital" should be leading the way, not dragging its heels.
  • So much evidence globally that this toxic chemical must be stopped immediately.
  • We are meant to be green city. We are far from it. No tree services. No alternatives to glyphosphates ( there are many including residents doing their bit for the gutters. There is so little left yet we only appear to care for a PR label.


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