Maternity Matters Campaigns

Maternity Matters Campaigns

Dear Jeremey Hunt; Secretary of State for Health,

Review current care systems in place in the UK to reduce pregnancy and infant mortality rates and reduce premature births.

Save The Children's recent League table indicates that the UK is one of the worst places in the developed world to become a mother when looking at infant and childhood mortality, maternal health and womens rights.

We want this to change.

Why is this important?

Maternity Care Improvements to reduce premature births, baby loss and improve maternal lives and avoid women from being seriously ill and given basic human women's rights to pregnant mums.

1. For the parents to be to be part of the multidisciplinary decision making team making informed choices about care delivery and care planning.

2. Ensuring women are fully informed about potential complications in pregnancy Inclusive of
- Foetal movements (Count the kick's)
-Group B strep, including information on testing and review of current testing perameters.
-Hepatic Cholestatsis.
-Pre eclampsia
-Premature Rupture of membranes.

3. Psychological and emotional support for women experiencing adverse complications at any point during pregnancy inclusive of regular follow up assessment and treatment as necessary. This would be inclusive of all mothers irrespective of successful outcome.

4. For care pathways to be implemented for premature labour under 24 weeks and PPROM ensuring rapid, appropriate research based care delivery, therefore optimising foetal survival rates.

5. Acknowledgement of substandard care and clear investigative procedures minimising recurrence and avoidable distress for parents and families.

6. Additional research into causes of premature labour and PPROM.

7. Introduction of more high risk midwives.

Please go to our blog for more info and links to various face book groups relating to the subject above including support networks for anyone that requires support.

Reasons for signing

  • I nearly lost lost my baby at 29 wks due to PPROMS. Thankfully he is still with us, but had to spend 9 wks on NICU, and we don't know what his long term prognosis is.
  • I lost my son during labour in September 2013 due to substandard, even neglectful care. This should not be happening!


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