To: UK Government

Scrap PIP (Personal Independence Payment) & restore DLA (Disability Living Allowance.)

Scrap PIP (Personal Independence Payment) & restore DLA (Disability Living Allowance.)

1) Scrap PIP (Personal Independence Payment) & restore DLA (Disability Living Allowance.)

2) End Discrimination in Disability Benefit Assessments especially where invisible disabilities are the main or only presenting issue.

Why is this important?

showed the extent of the problems faced by disabled people of all sorts in claiming Social Security Benefits. People with "invisible disabilities" e.g. mental health issues face particular problems in these assessments. I wrote a UK gov petition which was rejected on the ground that someone had created something 'similar.' I believe that to be a quite spurious response to the serious allegation,

"PIP assessments are not fit for purpose. They are especially unfit
where non-physical disability predominates. The result is that people
who used to qualify under DLA, and whose condition may actually have
deteriorated, are suddenly found not to fit the PIP 'criteria.'"

During the Channel 4 programme shown 11.4 2016, various people agreed
with the premise that PIP assessments are not fit for purpose. The
assessments are covert, superficial and unfair especially where mental
health is the presenting issue.

There is clear bias in these assessments and that constitutes discrimination against people with "invisible disabilities." If you agree then please sign the petition and pass it on to your friends and family and networks. Thank you.

How it will be delivered

In person via MP ~ if not then via press conference and email.

Reasons for signing

  • I suffered a stroke in nov2016 and while in hospital I was diagnosed with polymyositis a rare autoimmune disease affecting my muscles leaving me feeling weak tired difficultly walking
  • 35,000 Motability cars have had to be passed back because of the ridiculous scoring for PIP. These claimants qualified for higher rate mobility for DLA. They NEED Motability cars and Disabled Blue Badges to live independent lives - to work, drive their kids to school, have social lives, go shopping etc. Without their Motability cars, they are unable to leave home.
  • Not fit for purpose


2017-03-24 13:55:45 +0000

We're slowing down again in terms of signatories ~ can we get to 6000? The neo-Con austerity war on the people continues unabated ~ we didn't cause the crisis in capitalism ~ we don't deserve a bail out ~ only the banksters can expect one...

2017-03-05 23:27:09 +0000

5,000 signatures reached

2017-03-02 09:31:35 +0000

Although he has since 'apologized,' the recent public comment by someone who indicated that invisible disabilities aren't really disabilities, clearly demonstrates an ingrained ideological position.

How, then, are we to listen with empathy and compassion to the "case" for Conservative austerity ~ and explain to them that they are in error ~ for what purpose do they "need" to claw back the little bit of social security that empowers us and minimally compensates us? Where is the money going?

The political party I enthusiastically rejoined last year when it appeared to have rediscovered its socio-political roots has neither acknowledged nor responded to our petition either at national or local level.

These cuts remain however one dresses it up. They are purely ideological being driven by the crisis in capitalism. At the sharp end they are vindictive and destructive of spirit.

2017-02-24 13:08:53 +0000

The 'government' is smarting as a result of losing two Court cases re PIP last year. It seems it retaliated with plans to further tighten the eligibility criteria! That is nothing short of utterly despicable. We already know that if you can stand on one leg, whilst scratching your _ with your elbow and whistling dick c ~ then ATOS etc will find we aren't disabled at all and award "royaume uni nil pwong." Meanwhile MPs award themselves an inflation-busting PAY RISE ~ you couldn't make it up…

We want a future real government to recognize the financial needs of all people with disabilities, don't we? We will want them to scrap PIP (and DLA for that matter ~ we don't care what it's called!) and do the right thing.

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1,000 signatures reached

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