To: Poole Council

More accessibility for Disabled people in Poole!

More accessibility for Disabled people in Poole!

Provide more fully accessible toilets for disabled people in Poole. This includes a bench to change people on and hoists, not just a slightly bigger toilet with some grab rails.

Why is this important?

This is important because there are lots of disabled people in Poole, who have no mobility at all. They can not sit on a toilet, an need to be lifted out of their wheelchair to be changed. They are expected to be put on a dirty toilet floor to be changed which is not acceptable, let alone hygienic!

This is neither safe for the disabled person, or the carer that is having to lift them in and out of their chair! I.e weight issues.

Many families can not/ will not use certain places because there are no suitable changing facilities which is discrimination!


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