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To: The Secretary of State

No child and family should be excluded from the opportunity to survive

No child and family should be excluded from the opportunity to survive

Appeal to The Secretary of State: Please Support and Grant Wali Dar and His Family the Right to Remain in UK to be Safe

Why is this important?

We as family of Wali Dar are presenting this petition in an attempt to support our son who is diagnosis of Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning ability. Wali is suffering from frequent flashbacks to the violence, terror, kidnapping and shooting which happened to him and his family especially his father back in his home country Pakistan. Wali is currently living in United Kingdom and receiving continues help and support of his family who he has full trust. Also, he is receiving high quality supports from NHS mental health services, Barnardo’s disability and inclusion support service, Gateshead Council and his school to deal with stress, anxiety and unforgettable traumatic events that has happened to him.

Specialists clearly stated that Wali is a vulnerable young man who finds social interactions very difficult and unable to cope well with changes. Wali is unable to eradicate the shocking experiences of violence and life threatening danger back in Pakistan. Wali is currently receiving EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) treatments but he is yet full of fear to re-experience those traumas. Wali’s family are very worry and concern what will happen to Wali if he will not have opportunity to stay in the UK. His supporters and medical team agree that, if he finds out that he has to go back to Pakistan; this change will raise the severity of his autism. This will happen due to the negative opinion he already has from such environment, what he already experienced and lack of support and professionalism in Pakistan.

Wali as a young man has a long way ahead in his life. Witnessing such horrific incidents in childhood is very hard to deal with which requires safe environment, special support and family emotional care and support. Wali should be given the opportunity that other disable children have, to obtain confidence and move towards a better future. If he stays away from Pakistan, where he originally experiences the life threatening dangers, and if he keeps receiving the current professional supports he already has in UK, he will be able to cope with his disabilities, fears and anxiety and build his future life. As his parents and family members, it is very hard and heart breaking to see Wali in this situation every day. We do believe Wali’s life is as important as every other individual lives, which are important to every parent, and he should not be returned to Pakistan. The Children like Wali cannot be blamed for witnessing such incidents; instead, they should be supported and kept safe.

We will be grateful if you sign in to our petition and support our appeal to Secretary of State requesting, “Please consider appropriate and fair human rights for Wali and his family and grant this family the right to remain in the UK to be safe”. Thanks for your time and considerations.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I believe we should support others in adversity and this family needs security and hope.
  • The UK holds itself up as a champion for human rights.... Now is the chance to prove it it can truly justify that statement!


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