To: Essex County Council

No To Baddow Bus Gate

No To Baddow Bus Gate

Don't implement the proposed Baddow Road Bus Gate.
Look for a more sustainable and long term solution such as a two lane flyover.
Do not cut the residence from Baddow Road off from Chelmsford.

Why is this important?



The proposed bus gate in Baddow road will prevent all vehicles except busses from travelling to the Army and Navy roundabout, effectively cutting off everyone who lives in or near Baddow Road from having access to the city centre without a long detour. The traffic that will no longer be allowed to travel down Baddow Road will be forced to go through Great Baddow village or Moulsham Lodge, thus increasing the volume of traffic near schools. The bypass is already too busy and has long queues at rush hour plus this will increase with the Manor Farm housing development. For anybody living within the area of Great Baddow between Beehive Lane and the Army & Navy, they will be blocked from entering town along the shortest and fastest route. Even in the evenings and at weekends, local residents will have to travel from the top of Baddow Road all the way back into Great Baddow to join the Baddow Bypass, to then return into Chelmsford area. In terms of pollution, this is forcing people to make much longer journeys. Not everybody can catch a bus – busses do not run 24/7.

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UPDATE 14th August 2017
I have delivered an overview of your comments plus some further information which I have recently researched to the Great Baddow Parish Council. The council opposes the Baddow Bus Gate.
I have found the following document which on page 13 states that “HDV class vehicles were found to be contributing over 60% of traffic related NOx despite representing less than 7% of the total vehicle movements in the AQMA. Traffic counts for the roads that link with the Army and Navy Roundabout indicate that the majority of HDVs are public service vehicles (PSVs). In particular, in Baddow Road over 80% of HDVs are PSVs.” Put simply, the busses (PSV’s) are the main cause of pollution! Therefore, if the bus companies were to invest in newer, cleaner vehicles, this would improve air quality without any further need to restrict vehicles.
Having spoken to ECC representatives at two of the consultations, the council does not have any confirmation from the bus companies that more busses would be scheduled nor fares re-examined.
The air quality figures and their manipulation is also dubious, please see pages 4 & 5

We still need everyone to complete the official questionnaire:
If you have completed this I would also urge you to email or write to Jacobs, the company who are collating the consultation report. Even if you have already written, please consider writing again an highlight one or two of the issues that you consider will affect you most. It’s really important that all of your views are counted.
Please email:

Or post letters to:
Engagement Team
226 Tower Bridge Road

The new MP for Chelmsford is Vicky Ford with whom you might also want to share your views with.

Many thanks for your support.

Maxine Jones

How it will be delivered

The petition was submitted at 23:45 on 27th August to the email of Mr David Silvey, Engagement Manager, Jacobs. He will confirm receipt.

Chelmsford, Essex

Reasons for signing

  • Ludicrous, ill thought out ridiculous idea. Who in the council believes it will encourage people to take the bus are bonkers. What we need and have always needed is another flyover or underpass. This old chestnut has been going on for as long as I can remember over 30 years. Each year they procrastinate over the cost of another flyover and each year it gets more expensive to realise. Bite the bullet and invest in it now. They are not solving a problem they are pushing it elsewhere.
  • This won't decrease traffic just add to traffic on the 2 other routes which are larger causing more pollution and speeding. We bought a house to start a family a year ago in an adjacent road and will have increase noise, pollution and traffic. This will not be healthy for a wider spread of residents. It will decrease prices of a wider spread of properties than just Baddow Road.
  • The surrounding roads have a number of schools along the routes and as seen when Baddow Road was closed for the weekend a few weeks ago, the traffic greatly increases with a lot of cars and motor bikes speeding up due to the longer distances they had to travel. Gloucester Avenue was almost a race track.


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Wow! Thank you all so much for your support! Over 900 people have signed the #NoToBaddowBusGate petition, I will be delivering the petition to ECC but we also need everyone to complete the official questionnaire

All affected by the proposal need to attend the Public consultation event: Monday, 7 August 1pm-8pm at Parish Hall, 19 Maldon Road, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, CM2 7DW

Remember, the council have not directly notified any local residents that this will have an impact on!

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