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To: Barnet Borough Council



We the undersigned reject the proposal to slash the number of professionally staffed library hours as declared in the ‘Proposal for Barnet’s future library service’ consultation released on 28 October 2015.

Why is this important?

Despite the overwhelming support to maintain an effective Library Service across the whole of Barnet in the previous consultation, Barnet Council is continuing with its plans to limit the universal access to libraries for all people at all times.

Our concerns include but are not limited to:

• The 70% reduction in professionally staffed opening hours, which risks the safety of users and restricts the access of people under 16.

• The reliance of volunteers, who might not be available in sufficient numbers to keep libraries open and whose of lack of expertise will rule out the provision of many services.

• The massive reduction in space (more than 50% on average), which will reduce the resources and services the libraries can offer.

• The rapidly increasing cost of killing off the library service, which far outstrips the proposed savings. Spending over £6m to save £2.2 million is a waste of taxpayer’s money.

We call upon Conservative-run Barnet Council to halt these proposals and to work with residents and concerned organizations to develop a really viable and acceptable plan for the library service. These proposals are not only detrimental to the communities across Barnet but they are financially unsound with the cost of implementation far exceeding the proposed savings; we encourage the Council to see sense and scrap these proposals.

How it will be delivered

We will hand deliver the petition to the Council Officers responsible for the Library Service.

London Borough of Barnet

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Reasons for signing

  • Libraries are a place of learning for children, adults and the elderly and a place of social interaction too. How can we expect society to learn and grow when we cant even provide these services for them?
  • Libraries are vital for culture and learning. I don't think the Council realise that most residents would be prepared to pay a bit more Council Tax to safeguard our vital services - why don't they ask us??
  • Libraries, professionally run and properly funded, are the bedrock of any civilised society. To endanger their very existence is to encourage the triumph of ignorance over knowledge and understanding. Stop this madness, in Barnet and across the UK.


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