To: North Yorkshire County Council

North Yorkshire County Council. You have breached our trust.

North Yorkshire County Council. You have breached our trust.

Following the decision on 20th May 2016 to allow Third Energy to explore shale gas reserves from a well at Kirby Misperton we consider the seven councillors who voted for fracking have in our view failed to carry out their duty to represent the interests and wishes of the electorate and in so doing have betrayed local democracy. We consider this to be a breach of trust and request that this matter be urgently investigated and the reasons for not upholding the wishes of the majority of constituents be clearly stated.

Why is this important?

Democracy is of the upmost importance. We trust councillors that we elect to serve our interests. In this instance nearly 4,000 letters of objection to the company’s plans were received at the County Council, set against only 32 letters in favour. Councillors are required to adhere to the standard of good conduct as set out in the Local Government Act 1989 which requires that they effectively represent the interests of their Ward and of individual constituents. In addition councillors must maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethics, serve the public interest and take decisions having regard to the interests of the whole local community. We feel that our interests have been disregarded in favour of fiscal and political reasons.

Ryedale District, North Yorkshire

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Reasons for signing

  • My beloved North Yorkshire will suffer from environmental pollution for the sake of,greed. Nobody voting for fracking has to suffer from this as th y don't live in the area. We MUST protect our national parks and surrounding area to protect the quality of our lives
  • Corruption. Getting sick of this country now, Emigrating sounds like the best option to get away from these cunts.
  • Money must have changed hands here - why oh why did they pass this. Very disappointing


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