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To: Michael Gove

Ban plastic packaging on fruit and veg

Ban plastic packaging on fruit and veg

Ban plastic packaging for all fruit and vegetables sold in all supermarkets in the UK. Introduce legislation that confines the packaging of fruit and veg to recycled or recyclable paper and cardboard only.

Why is this important?

We are killing our planet, choking oceans, swimming in rubbish and are even consuming microplastics due to our the way we treat this long-lasting – sometimes everlasting – material. We chuck it away, and it's out of sight, but, no, it doesn't magically disappear. And it can't all be recycled, either.

The use of plastic has to drop – and fast. Changing the way we buy fruit and veg is a place to start. If we can get rid of/ reduce the use of plastic shopping bags, we can certainly do the same for fruit and veg and then see where else the same principle can be applied to other categories of food.

There is transparent paper packaging available so goods can be batched and sealed, so there are no excuses to sit back and wait. The time for sharing pictures and posting horrified emojis of the damage we are wreaking on the planet – and our own bodies – is up.

Thanks for reading this. Please sign and share if you agree that we need to cut down on plastic wrapping on fruit and vegetables.

How it will be delivered

In person.

Reasons for signing

  • They already have natural wrappers.!!!!!
  • We need to change the way we shop. No one needs to keep fruit and veg in single-use plastic bags when we have sustainable alternatives.


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