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To: Lewisham Council

Pedestrian crossing on Drakefell Road (Telegraph Hill Entrance)

Pedestrian crossing on Drakefell Road (Telegraph Hill Entrance)

Install a pedestrian crossing linking the entrance to Telegraph Hill with Aspinall Road footbridge and cycle route

Why is this important?

I cross this road four times a day, twice with my kids on my way to and from their nursery and it feels so dangerous. When my kids are older I want them to be able to walk to the park on their own but as it is I couldn't.

Telegraph Hill is a fantastic community park for people of all ages. The upper park is accessed from Kitto Road to the north and Drakefell Road to the south. Drakefell Road is a heavy commuter route, and already has some traffic calming measures including road narrowing and speed humps. However, none of these are aligned with the entrance to the park which is opposite Aspinall Road continuing a footbridge over the railway line for pedestrians and cyclists. Cars still reach significant speeds and parking makes visibility from the kerb tricky for crossing, especially for children. Drakefell Road is therefore a significant barrier to a pleasant car free route that links St Asaphs Road to the south with Arbuthnot Road to the north. Signage identifies this as part of the London Cycle network linking Surrey Quays and New Cross Gate to the north with Crystal Palace and Honor Oak to the south.

Installing a pedestrian crossing, whether pelican crossing or even just a traffic island would facilitate access to the park for people of all ages, and encourage non vehicular journeys between New Cross and Honor Oak. Potentially this could replace the width restriction / fire engine gate further to the east.

Lewisham, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Totally agree, parked cars by the entrance to the park on this busy commuter route does make it difficult for motorists to clearly see pedestrians attempting to cross there.
  • Lewisham council never do anything.
  • I find it difficult to cross between Drakefell Road & Gellatly Road


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Lewisham are now inviting comments from local residents on how to improve the local area and we would urge you to take a moment to send in your feedback.
You can share your views through the following link:

2018-07-24 09:44:55 +0100

Great news everyone! Fellow local campaigners Drakefell Road Action Group have secured a meeting with Brenda Dacres, the new cabinet member for transport, on 8th August at 7pm. Unfortunately I am away on holiday but please please please attend if you can, and let her know what a great improvement this would make to our neighbourhood. More details to follow

2018-06-25 13:17:30 +0100

Thanks again to everyone who has signed this petition. I've now met with another local activist involved in the Drakefell Road Action Group that has been lobbying Lewisham Council for traffic calming measures for around 4 years now. They have been promised a meeting with councillors and officers soon, and by joining forces we can make our case even stronger! More details to follow - kind regards, Rob

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