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To: Blackburn with Darwen Council

End Period Poverty in Blackburn and Darwen

Develop a P-Card scheme for girls who cannot afford basic sanitary wear. This scheme will allow girls from deprived families who can't afford sanitary wear to have access to free sanitary products from a range of locations.

Why is this important?

More families in the UK have been reaching out to food banks for sanitary products, as they just can’t afford the ‘luxury’ of buying them. Sanitary towels and tampons aren’t cheap, but they are an essential part of a women’s life.
This has resulted in women and girls using toilet paper, old socks, pieces of cloth, newspaper, and other unhygienic items and this could cause serious threats to their health.
Without the sufficient and proper protection, which every girl and women deserves, girls have been routinely missing school. Shocking statistics from said ‘49 per cent of girls have missed an entire day of school because of their period, of which 59 per cent have made up a lie or an alternate excuse’. A girl’s, and every young persons, education is such a vital and important part of their lives, they should not have to compromise this because of their periods. Blackburn is a deprived area, and looking at the demographics, and the statistics from plan UK, Blackburn could be at a higher risk than the statistic already shown.


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