To: Leicestershire County Council

Petition to end unsafe street lighting in Oadby Grange

Petition to end unsafe street lighting in Oadby Grange

Leicestershire County Council need to review their part-night street lighting scheme in Oadby Grange and keep street lights on throughout the night in order to keep residents and their properties safe.

Why is this important?

We are requesting that Leicestershire County Council make changes to their street lighting policy to keep our street lights on throughout the night. Everyday, after midnight, our streets are plunged into darkness. This has increased the incidence of crime including house and car burglaries within the area. As residents of Oadby Grange, we feel that switching certain street lights off after midnight, results in extremely vulnerable areas that are targeted as they are totally unlit.

In addition to the actual increase in break ins, the part-lighting scheme, also poses a huge risk to the well-being and safety of residents. With many residents being shift workers including hospital doctors, nurses, police officers etc, it places these individuals at great risk when entering their homes late at night in complete darkness especially since many of whom would be fatigued after working a long, late shift.

As residents, we can supply a series of personal CCTV footage displaying such crimes, specifically in these unlit areas, to support our claim.

It is not safe for us and we have had enough of living in fear! SWITCH ON OUR STREET LIGHTS!!!


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Reasons for signing

  • For safety
  • Others have given very good reasons. I will not repeat, but what I would like to ask the council is we pay the same tax as others, so this seems very unequal treatment. Why us?
  • Residence Safety must be priority for the council. Too many burglaries and no street lights helps the burglars to Target our street. We pay tax for what???


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