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To: Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, and Iain Gray, MSP for East Lothian

Please stop the eviction of East Lothian families.

Update: 27/11/15 - We won! Following our successful campaign the Stoddart family got a better deal. Read more here:

Stop the eviction on 28th November 2015 of the Stoddart family from their home and farm tenancy.

Why is this important?

Andrew and Claire Stoddart have been farming in East Lothian for 22 years. During this time they have invested heavily in infrastructure and buildings on their farm at Colstoun Mains, creating a profitable and well-managed business. The Stoddart family are an integral part of the community. Andrew and Claire are well liked, and their 3 children go to the local school, as do the 4 children of their employees.

The Stoddarts have been asked to leave the farm by the end of November. Once evicted, the Stoddart family will be forced to move from the local area, laying off their two employees, and taking their children away from school and friends. They are to be given very little recompense for the investments they have made over their lifetime, leaving them both homeless and unable to buy a farm elsewhere.

I urge you all to show your support by signing this petition to ask the Scottish Government to intervene and stop the forced eviction of the Stoddart family.

I address this petition to Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, and Iain Gray, MSP for East Lothian.

Some of the issues around this eviction are highlighted in the channel 4 news item below. You can see what Andrew Stoddart has to say at 6:33 minutes.
Thank you for your support.

East Lothian

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