To: The Bank of England

Portrait for £50 Note 2020

To petition the Bank of England to choose Noor Imyat Khan on the £50 bank note for issue in 2020.

Why is this important?

Noor Imyat Khan gave her life for the cause of freedom in this Nation‘s war to overthrow the Nazi Regime. Ms Noor served in the WRAF (Women‘s Royal Auxiliary Air Force) before transferring to the top secret Special Operstions Executuve set up by Winston Churchill, then as part of SOE was airdropped into France and organized and ran Churchill‘s network of resistance communication in Paris. Ms Noor was betrayed, and after suffering starvation and torture by the Gestapo in Dachau concentration camp, was executed by firing squad by the Nazi SS in 1944. Ms Khan was posthumously awarded the George Cross by King George VI in 1949.
Here is proof of the inclusivity within Britain of the Muslim community. Ms Noor was also the first female radio operator sent into Nazi-occupied France in 1943. She was 29.
Here is an opportunity to recognize the United Kingdom‘s inclusivity and its belief in democratic freedom.
I respectfully invite likeminded members of the public to sign this Petition to the Bank of England.