To: Theresa May

Promotion of peace in Syria

Promotion of peace in Syria

We would like you to promote the cessation of the war in Syria, discussing the topic during the G7 in Taormina and in any other international meeting.

Why is this important?

We all hear many times about the necessity of war to bring peace in Syria; in fact nobody is speaking about the necessity of saving thousands of families from the breakout. The will of people is now very straightforward: it's time to stop destroying the life of innocent ones. We all agree to not be involved in any decisions of war. We all want you to finally speak for real peace. We know well that, during the wars in Iraq and Libya, western powers did not bring peace but instability, actually encouraging the rise of extremisms. They also led to massive immigration's flows towards the "doors" of Europe, such as Sicily, where the G7 will take place.
Now it's our will to stop any military action in Syria and to be represented by you: please start promoting peace, be our voice during the imminent G7 and any other international meeting.
We know how it is to live normal lives as normal people, then we think the safety of normal people and families in Syria should be a priority. Help us to bring them the only thing they really need: the cessation of further bombardments.

United Kingdom

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