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We want them to protect Middlewick Range and make it a protected area a country park so that all the community can enjoy this beautiful area. It has protected species on the land & potentially arceaological finds that are a National Heritage Feature for the whole of the UK so we can learn more about our History and culture.

Why is this important?

Middlewick is situated in Colchester Essex which is the first recorded town in England. The Government want the area to be be sold off for housing and local people who use the area for recreational use want this area to be protected. The local people have seen lots of species that are on the protection list including trees in the area and want to encourage more species to flourish in this area. it has great potential as a country park especially as parts of the area are already protected. Local people also feel that more housing would cause problems in so many ways including poor air quality more crime and mental health problems as well as noting the area does not have the infrastructure to cope with more housing. It is so important to protect this land so that animals have a safe haven, and we can find out and learn about our heritage culture and get a better understanding of our environment.

So much could be done with this land including country walks, camping, cycling trails, conservation projects and so much more please dont let more concrete destroy this beautiful countryside.

Middlewick Range Association, Mersea Road, Colchester

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Reasons for signing

  • Save the countryside
  • I know the area well having grown up here. I frequently visit still and have family and friends in the area. In my opinion this would make an excellent country park and a superb facility for the local community. It should be protected from being sold off for development and made available to all.
  • Colchester has been developed way beyond its infrastructure's ability to cope. Apart from that, surely there can be some space left without sprawling estates all over it for people to enjoy - it shouldn't just be a dormitory town..


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