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£15ph minimum pay for all NHS employees

£15ph minimum pay for all NHS employees

I would like to see fair pay throughout the NHS with a £15ph minimum pay for all employees at any band.

Why is this important?

The NHS is under a constant growing strain, with all members from all areas of the MDT feeling the push and are having to work twice as hard to meet with the ever-growing need, and let's face it these people's are saving lives...., missing out on there quality family time so they can keep your family's happy by giving you the gift of more time with your loved ones, these people are constantly training to update there skills spending hours of studying to help improve new way of helping us in the future. Yet some of these people are payed less then someone that could be found stacking shelves at your local supermarket. I believe all NHS workers should receive a minimum of £15ph.


2017-09-06 10:19:26 +0100

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