To: Birmingham City Council

Put Bollards on Soho Rd

Put Bollards on Soho Rd

Put bollards on Soho Rd in Birmingham in order to stop the continuous parking on the pavement.

Why is this important?

Broken slabs are dangerous for people to walk on and the council has had to fix them numerous times at a cost to the taxpayer.

Soho Road, Birmingham

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Reasons for signing

  • Parking on and around Soho road has been steadily getting worse for years. It has nothing to do with a lack of proper car parking spaces and everything to do with how entitled and lazy people are, and the fact that they face absolutely no consequence when blocking the entire pavement forcing pedestrians in to the road.
  • Encouraging people to walk or take public transport to the establishments. Also, it causes uneccesary damage to pavement slab and for people on mobility scooters and people with pushchairs to go into the road.
  • time for a mass pedestrian trespass of walkers down the actual road of Soho Rd so that the car drivers and thoughtless parkers know what it feels like!