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Re-Development for Stallards Skate Park in Trowbridge

Re-Development for Stallards Skate Park in Trowbridge

The skate Park is over 10 years old, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to the park to bring it back upto the standards of other skate Parks in Wiltshire. The Skate Park has drainage issues which need to be sorted. The skate Park is used by over 40 young people on a daily basis and is a thrive of activity. The area needs to be adapted to meet the needs of this group of young people with an extension of a street based area, it needs to have a flat area to encourage new younger people to learn to skate and signs, bins to ensure safety of little ones that should not be in this area and to the older young people who need valuable spaces to practice their craft.

Why is this important?

The young people of Trowbridge have moved forward over the last 10 years, as has scootering and skating in general, the park is not accessible to new riders as it is an extreme park and their is no information on the outside of the park to explain the safety aspect to the users of parents. The park has a lot of additional areas that could be easily developed to incorporate a better space for young people and help them from using streets to preform their tricks to increase their ability. The skate Park in Trowbridge is well used and with better facilities to a growing number of young people could be increased further.


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