To: Melanie Lewis, Director of NML Trading & the Trustees of NMLT

Recognise PCS Union at National Museums Liverpool Trading Cie

Please agree for the PCS Union to become the recognise union at National Museums Liverpool Trading company.
PCS is recognised by the main employer (NML) but their commercial arm NMLT is refusing to recognise the union, despite being fully owned by the museums. As a result, pay is much lower, Health & Safety standard poorer, contracts less secured and management wanting to just engage with individuals, resulting in a climate of fear.

Why is this important?

Workplaces that recognise unions tends to have better levels of pay, happiness and do provide better services to their users. National Museums Liverpool is a public service and should not be exploiting its workers, many of them only earning just about the minimum wage. Many employees of the NML Trading company are local young people and they deserve as much respect as their colleagues employed directly by the museums. As NMLT is fully owned by the museums, museum bosses should not pretend they cannot act or ensure better standards. Yes there have been budget cuts for museums but surely union recognition would not cost a penny and if workers were getting the real Living Wage and decent hours of work, they would be spending their wages in the local economy and not having to consider claiming benefits.


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Reasons for signing

  • Surely this should be illegal? All employers should encourage employees to join the union.
  • #PcsLifeMatters
  • Union recognition is fundamental to worker's rights NMLT should be ashamed! Solidarity from the Tate United Branch!


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