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To: Blackburn with Darwen council

Recycling household electronic waste

Recycling household electronic waste

I would like the Blackburn with Darwen council to provide all the residents in the area with a new recycling bin specifically used for recycling electronic waste which can be collected from each household exactly like our rubbish collection on a weekly basis and then sorted in an recycling electronic waste management facility.

Why is this important?

It is extremely important to recycle our waste due to the negative affect it has on our environment and should be looked at as a global problem and not just a local one.
A lot of our electronic waste from the UK ends up in different third world countries such as Ghana which is then burned and smelted to extract metals such as copper etc.
In the process, heavy metals and toxins are released posing huge health risks for the people involved in such activities.
The BBC have already documented on this issue in Ghana where people don't even have basic health protection equipment and are dying from smoke inhalation and toxic metal concentration.
We as the community of Blackburn with Darwen will not be involved in allowing any of our waste to cause harm to anyone due to negligence and ineffective waste management!

Blackburn with Darwen

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