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To: Shetland Islands Council, Head of Infrastructure, John Smith

Reinstate Our Lifeline Weekend Ferry Service

After years of chaos, Whalsay residents have had enough of the poor service. We have faced unprecedented levels of disruption since Shetland Islands Council removed the Hendra from service at the weekend in 2013. The unreliability of this service has become particularly acute in the last 3 months, causing severe disruption to commuters, the local community in general and to tourists.

Whalsay residents cannot wait any longer for improvements and believe Shetland Islands Council should act now to restore this lifeline ferry link. The best option for improving such a vital service in the short term would be to ensure that the Hendra is returned to public operation at the weekend for summer season.

Why is this important?

Reducing this service has changed our way of life due to only one ferry running and limited spaces, leaving residents left feeling trapped and isolated at the weekend. The only time most people can get off the island is at the weekend due to working, bairns at school, etc so it’s the busiest time of the week, yet this is when ferries are reduced. It’s taken away the freedom to take family to events out of the isle with so many residents involved in sports, music, etc, going shopping and visiting friends and family.

Whalsay, Shetland

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2018-08-08 23:23:13 +0100

The petition to get the Hendra back at the weekend will be handed to John Smith, Head of Infrastructure, tomorrow night at the pier. Ivan will be taking a group photo so if anyone would like to show their support to the campaign gather at the Boating Club for 6:30pm tomorrow night.

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