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To: Transport ministry

Reinstate the Preston to Fleetwood rail link

Reinstate the rail link from Preston to Fleetwood Lancashire.

Why is this important?

Dr Beeching started the closure of the rail link and Fleetwood, a seaside town on a peninsula, has been in decline since. The infrastructure to and from this beautiful town is diabolical. It is quicker to fly to Geneva from Lancaster than get to Westminster from Fleetwood. It is 5 miles to the nearest station which is gridlocked at peak times. There is no direct bus to the station and 35.2% of Fleetwood residents do not own a car which is above the 32% National average. The whole of the district of Wyre, approximately 110,000, have had one train station since 1970 when the last passenger train left Fleetwood. With the creation of more houses in Wyre another train station is needed and with the shortening of the platform at Poulton-le-fylde meaning no direct trains to London/Glasgow can stop in Wyre the reinstatement direct to Preston is needed.


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