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To: Southampton City Council

Remove Anti-Homeless Benches from Southampton City

Remove Anti-Homeless Benches from Southampton City

Remove the anti-homless benches from Southampton city centre .

Why is this important?

Introducing anti-homeless benches is not going to solve homelessness in Southampton. The council have a responsibility to support people living on the streets by providing shelters. Instead they are making it harder for those without a roof over there head to get by.

Benches can provide a place to sleep that is off the ground and dryer than the floor, and sleeping in the town centre is often safer for people sleeping rough, due to CCTV. Hiding societies problems does not solve them. We want Southampton council to act now!

Southampton Central, Southampton

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Reasons for signing

  • The least homeless people should have is a dry and safe (ish) place to sleep.
  • I wholeheartedly agree that Not only Southampton City Council should stop making it harder for homeless People, but all council should address this issue, I myself was once homeless for a 1.6yrs so know first hand how dangerous it is out there. Can we not make this a country wide Issue???


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