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To: Wigan Council, Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust and Contessa Hotels

Removing the white road markings in front of Haigh Hall!

Removing the white road markings in front of Haigh Hall!

This is a petition for the unsightly and unnecessary white road markings on the approach to Haigh Hall from the lower plantations to be removed.

Why is this important?

The Haigh Woodland Park is a local treasure and is enjoyed by people from all over the borough for walking, running and cycling.

The approach to the Hall is stunning and with the placement of road markings the aesthetic has been ruined completely.

Furthermore, these road markings give the clear impression that cars now have the first priority - which should never, ever be the case in a country park where people are trying to enjoy the outdoors and get away from cars for a few hours.

There are some great initiatives at Haigh Woodland Park and they should be commended - but this is a disgrace and judging from public sentiment locals and regular visitors are extremely upset and angered by it.


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Reasons for signing

  • It was bad enough putting the car park in the grass area in front of the hall. The road markings make it even worse. They're destroying the beauty of the place.
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  • They look awful! Its a country park, not a motorway


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