To: Gateshead Council

Restart Birtley Street Cleaning

Restart Birtley Street Cleaning

We are calling on Gateshead Council to restart / re-employ street cleaners in Birtley

Why is this important?

We love living in Gateshead's best kept secret... Birtley!

But the streets and pavements of our little town have now gone beyond what is an acceptable level for public health.

There are increasing amounts of litter but more worryingly, dog waste.

People with buggies are finding it impossible to steer away from unwanted 'deposits' and in the summer when children wear sandals it's nothing short of dangerous.

When I asked the local council what could be done I was told cuts to local authority budgets meant a street cleaning service can no longer be provided in the Birtley area.

We love living in Birtley - great schools, a bustling high street and amazing people, but the cleanliness of the streets is now unacceptable.

As residents, many of us are vigilant and make sure any litter is picked up. But more needs to be done!

Will you join me in signing and sharing this petition, as well as doing what we can when we see litter, to make Birtley better?


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Reasons for signing

  • We should be proud of where we live. Let's make Birtley beautiful.
  • parts of Birtley now look so untidy and dirty. The worse it gets the less some people will care and so the cycle goes on.
  • Birtley is becoming a dump with litter & leaves , I know this is because of the pigs that just drop litter but I pay Council Tax for GMBC to keep the place tidy & they dont. Less Councillors more street cleaners.


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