To: Patrick McLoughlin, Chairman of the Conservative Party (Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster)

Restore democracy to Lancashire [Fracking]

Restore democracy to Lancashire [Fracking]

Return the decision to Frack Lancashire to the local elected councillors.

Why is this important?

We citizens of Lancashire, put politicians in place to represent our needs. We are sovereign, and have the highest form of political authority--you are temporary.

Our local council, made up of councillors democratically elected by us, and charged with serving our interests, is exactly the right body to make decisions on local matters.

The government have displaced our democracy in Lancashire and we intend to make our vote count next time round.


How it will be delivered

deliver the petition in person


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Reasons for signing

  • Because the people of Lancashire have already spoken and made it clear they do not want fracking in their county. They have been supported in this by their democratically elected, LOCAL councillors. It is a dangerous precedent to let central government (happily placed over 150 miles away!) to overrule local decision-making.
  • I signed because it is hard work making a democracy work and very wrong for central government to hold a veto--that is not democracy.
  • You know when we said no to fracking in Lancashire, we didn't mean no, oh go on then, or no but we're not that bothered we said no because we meant no. A democratic no. What then gives the government in that democratic country the right to put their fingers in their ears and make a decision against what the public have voted for? Are we in a dictatorship?


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2016-10-09 20:24:03 +0100

In less than a day, we have reached 326 signatories, to really make this felt by the MP's we need to reach 30,000 signatories, that would mean no governing MP's in Lancashire.

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