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To: World Health Organisation: United Nations

Revoke the UN Goodwill ambassadorial title from the undeserving Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe

WHO has to rescind the so called goodwill ambassador title they bestowed on Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Why is this important?

Mugabe has ruined the Zimbabwe healthcare system that was once the pride of its people and the African continent. The healthcare system equalled that of a developed world. Over his shambolic and despotic rule, hospitals and health care staff operate with bare necessities and going over many months without being paid for their hard work and commitment to their duty of care. Healthcare professionals from Zimbabwe have fled the country and are doing menial jobs the world over because of the policies of this failed regime. Those are the ones deserving of the goodwill ambassador title. Mugabe and his political elite seek treatment overseas from warts, cataracts, toothache and dementia amongst the diseases Zimbabwe once managed with pride. Medical jaunts to Singapore by Mugabe and his family is unconscionable. WHO has to be made to account what it is they see in this despot. We count on all people of conscience to raise your voices against the suffering masses of the Zimbabwean people who give birth in hospital corridors, in the absence of running water, electricity and perennial shortages of medicines, doctors, nurses and access to specialist care and treatment. I have experienced firsthand the gross mismanagement of the healthcare services by this despot when I visited a central hospital and was given vials of blood of a relative to go and find a laboratory for blood tests. And with this, you reward the dictator. Please support us to revoke this title from Mugabe. Please use EC1R 0NE postcode if you don’t have one.


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