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To: Wiltshire Council



To: Wiltshire Council
We the under signed call upon Wiltshire Council, to reconsider any changes to the Royal United Hospital Hopper service and call upon the Council to re-instate the £130,000 that has been cut from the budget to fund this service It is understood that Wiltshire Council must seek savings but any change in the way this service is provided would cause hardship for those who rely on this valuable service to travel to the Bath RUH.

At present this service provides a door to door service that is disabled friendly, and it’s vital this service is retained in its present form.
We would ask Wiltshire Council to remember Wiltshire is the County.
“Where everyone matters”

Why is this important?

This service is vital to those without there own transport and unable to use public transport to the RUH Bath


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Reasons for signing

  • This service is vital for all those frail and elderly patients who can't use public transport.
  • This is a vital service for the community
  • An important transport link for patients (& staff, if room) needing to get to the RUH and back. This service provides door-to-door pick ups.


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