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Rushmoor Borough Council Must Provide A Shelter For The Homeless In Aldershot

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Viv Dawes
Rushmoor Borough Council Must Provide A Shelter For The Homeless In Aldershot

To provide a Winter cold weather homeless shelter in Aldershot this Winter 2017/18.
To stop neglecting the needs of some of the towns most vulnerable people who often have very complex issues which may include mental health and addictions etc and are in the revolving door of homelessness and find it hard to get out of this cycle.

Why is this important?

Aldershot has never seen as many rough sleepers as it has in the last few years. For some years now a Winter shelter was provided by the council and this year apparently they cannot afford it! Street homeless people die in extreme weather . Doing nothing means the council believe it’s the problem of those who find themselves homeless, whereas truth be known it’s society’s problem. These individuals often have very complex issues- mental health and addictions etc, they are very vulnerable and need a lot of input.
We cannot just cast people aside like rubbish because they don’t ‘fit’ in our community in our opinion.

How it will be delivered

I will send this by post to Rushmoor Borough Council


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Reasons for signing

  • These people often have an illness that is extremely difficult to live with even if it doesn't present itself to the people who judge them as being selfish. They are human beings and brushing them under the carpet is not a solution. A solution is psychological assesments, medication and other treatment and a program to help these people. But before all of this they need to kept alive by having a safe place to eat and sleep in the winter.
  • I would hate to ever find myself in this position and not have a safe place to go.These people need help and support not fined for sleeping rough !
  • I cannot imagine sleeping outside in the dark freezing cold wet weather. My heart goes out to anyone who finds themselves in that situation.


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