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To: Network Rail

Sacked for attempting to take his legally upheld break

Reinstate Peter Lee the signalman from Arundel who they sacked for attempting to take his 20 minute break that his Honour Judge Shanks upheld in November 2017 and make it mandatory for all signallers in the UK to take their 20 minute break as defined in UK and EU law.

Why is this important?

Because it sets a dangerous precedent if companies are allowed to ignore UK and EU employment law and act in contempt of the Employment Appeals Tribunal in Croydon, which ruled the Working Time Directive in relation to the Rest breaks applied. Peter Lee was a loyal employee of Network Rail, he was employed as a signaller for a total of 44 years. He had an unblemished record.

44 years unblemished service wiped out for taking a 20 minute lawful break. Arundel Signalman sacked by Network Rail.
Shame on Network Rail for denying their employee a lawful break.

It is also a big safety issue because signallers need a break to make sure they can work safely.



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2018-07-15 20:56:18 +0100

Peter and his supporters really wanted to extend their heartfelt thanks for the massive support shown here. The petition will be delivered to Network Rail soon and it is hoped they might think again. Please all note the slightly corrected title in that Peter was suspended before being able to take his break. Thanks all.

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