To: Gavin Newlands MP

Save 3 Bears Nursery Linwood

Save 3 Bears Nursery Linwood

Save the only full time private nursery in Linwood from closure.

Why is this important?

The closure of this nursery will mean many parents will have to either cut their hours or give up their jobs. It will also be extremely stressful for the children who will be losing friends and trusted teachers. This nursery is relied on by so many parents across Linwood and is a vital amentiy to the local community. Save the 3 Bears!

3 Bears Nursery Ltd, Napier Street, Linwood

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Reasons for signing

  • Without this nursery in linwood I would have struggled for child care when my little girl was under 2 it will be a massive loss to linwood
  • My friends child loves it
  • my children attend this nursery and will be upset to part from it.


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