To: London Borough of Camden

Save Barrington Court Gardens

Save Barrington Court Gardens

There are 3 green spaces at the North end of Grafton Road in Gospel Oak, London NW5 4AT where residents used to grow flowers and vegetables. One of the spaces contains a protected mature copper beech tree which is much-loved by local people.

The London Borough of Camden wants to build private houses on the land themselves or sell the land off to a private developer. Camden has removed the raised beds, bricked up the access, cut down trees and erected a hoarding around the sites. In the process they have damaged the beautiful copper beech tree.

We are petitioning Camden to stop all plans for development on these green spaces and return them to the community.

Why is this important?

Camden's plans for houses on these sites are a really bad idea for several reasons. These will NOT be Social Housing and it is very unlikely that they'll be able to sell these plots at any profit. Camden's previous attempts at developments nearby have resulted in empty apartments. Local Residents' concerns about what will be built on the sites are being ignored so that Camden have a chance of selling them off to a private developer.

Please sign our petition to object to development of these 3 sites. It is now time for Camden to listen to the local community.

Your voice counts!

Gospel Oak, London

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Reasons for signing

  • These green spaces belong to all of us - when they are gone they are gone forever. We should be preserving them not selling them off.


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