To: Mid & South Essex 'Success' Regime

Save Basildon A&E

Save Basildon A&E

Keep Basildon A&E department open along with those in Southend and Broomfield.

Why is this important?

Mid & South Essex 'Success' Regime are planning to cut £400m funding to the local NHS under their 'Sustainability and Transformation Plan'. One of the options being considered is the closure of Basildon A&E department. This could mean having to travel to Southend or Broomfield for emergency treatment.

Basildon, Essex

Reasons for signing

  • Saving hospitals is vital closing more and more is so stupid it's there when people need one forgoodness sake it's like we going back to medieval Times when people got sick they left them to die. We should be opening more or improving what we have investing money into NHS and not closing or making cuts
  • So Orsett minor injuries is going to build more houses, more houses and new roads are being built, bringing more people to the area, and then close an a and e dept that is already over stretched! What a joke, how will the other hospitals cope?
  • Please sign the petition to save Basildon A&E


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