To: Ceredigion County Council

Save Bodlondeb Residential Care Home

Save Bodlondeb Residential Care Home

Halt the misguided plan to close Bodlondeb Residential Care Home in Aberystwyth and prevent the further planned closures of local authority residential care homes in Ceredigion.

Why is this important?

Bodlondeb provides a beloved home and essential care services for our elderly and vulnerable residents in Penparcau, Aberystwyth and it also serves the North Ceredigion area. The council's planned closure of Bodlondeb will force the current and future residents into the insecurity of private care home provision which may be many many miles away from their beloved community, family and friends. The closure of Bodlondeb would also mean the loss of 33 good and secure local jobs. The campaign to save Bodlondeb is receiving massive public support but the council seem determined to move forward with their plans. If Ceredigion Council do manage to close Bodlondeb they have said that they plan to close four more council care homes in Ceredigion in this wave of closures so please can EVERYONE in Ceredigion sign this petition to ensure that we keep Bodlondeb and our other public sector care home provision in Ceredigion open. The Save Bodlondeb Campaign is a community, union and cross-party campaign. We the undersigned oppose the closure of Bodlondeb without an appropriate replacement facility. We call on Ceredgion county council to ensure that there is continuing and unbroken provision of public residential care for the elderly in the Aberystwyth area as Bodlondeb has provided for over 50 years. Rydym ni, yr isod, yn gwrthwynebu cau Bodlondeb heb gyfleuster amgen priodol. Rydym yn galw are Gynor Sir Ceredigion i sicrhau bod darpariaeth di-ddor o ofal breswyl cyhoeddus ar gyfer yr henoed yn barhau yn ardal Aberystwyth fel mae Bodlondeb wedi ei darparu ers dros 50 mlynedd.

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Reasons for signing

  • My late father was in Bodlondeb before Hafan Y Waun opened. Bodlondeb had a 'care with love' policy at that time. I had no complaints about the way they looked after Dad. Its a small, intimate home offering good care. There is a shortage of spaces like these in Ceredigion.
  • It may be financially very difficult to keep a home open, but doing so HAS TO BE far more important than paying Fat Cats salaries that are MANY TIMES the pay of almost everyone else. Why will our society not learn that it is a whole, and that the welfare of that whole depends on equality of possessions of all kinds.
  • We are very aware of the pressures on Ceredigion's budget, but agree with Dinah that the sale to private contractors of Bodlondeb is misplaced and imperils safe dementia care within the county. Rif and Ann Winfield


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