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To: Environmental Agency, Michael Gove MP (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

Save Braunton Marshes from being lost before it’s too late

Save Braunton Marshes from being lost before it’s too late

Braunton Marshes are a hidden asset of North Devon supporting wildlife of national and international importance. It’s now under imminent serious threat. An environmental disaster is looming on the horizon due to a sea breach of great significance unless immediate action is undertaken by relevant parties.

The feeling is so strong we have attracted 4.2k members to a Support Group on Facebook in just 5 days:

Why is this important?

Apart from being an example of prime pasture land, the marshes contain a concentrated diverse range of protected British wildlife that is equalled nowhere else in the country. Many of the identified creatures that thrive there are protected by law.

Braunton Marshes are a prime example of how traditional farming methods have sustained wildlife for over a century. Grazing Marsh is identified as a priority habitat within the Devon BAP (Biodiversity Action Plans). It is part of our history and heritage, and arguably a habitat of national importance.

There are various buildings that are Grade 2 listed on the Marshes. Safe public access to the iconic Crow Point Beach (AONB and SSSI) will be eradicated. This situation has been allowed to escalate to a point where immediate action must now be taken or we lose it forever.


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