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To: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Save Chelsea Farmers Market

To stop the demolition of the iconic Chelsea Farmers Market.

Why is this important?

The Chelsea Farmers Market is one of the few remaining outdoor independent trading locations in the heart of Chelsea reflecting the great history that made the Kings Road and surrounding areas a place individual to the rest of London, a thriving village.

Any plan to demolish this would remove a heart of the community that is different from any where else in Chelsea. Only this site offers a unique outdoor experience to diners and shoppers.

The Kings Road has increasingly become like any other High Street in England, however The Chelsea Farmers Market offers an escape from this by providing relaxed outdoor experience all year round to the residents and visitors of Chelsea. It's a unique destination enjoyed by all walks of life.

The loss of The Chelsea Farmers Market would be another nail in the coffin for independent traders and individual community space for the sake of the commercial and financial gain of the minority.

We need the power of the local residents, visitors and Londoners to help prevent this change to an area that will be demolished and never be re-created.
Your signature can help preserve one of the few existing open air trading spaces, save jobs and prevent another concrete jungle from being developed.

London SW3

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