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To: The South Downs National Park Authority.

Save Coldwaltham’s flower-rich hay meadow.

Save Coldwaltham’s flower-rich hay meadow.

Remove Coldwaltham's flower-rich hay meadow from your Local Plan and work with us to ensure that it continues to be appropriately managed by its owner Sir Sebastian Anstruther (Government appointed Board Member and Deputy Chair of the Governance Committee, South Downs National Park Authority). An alternative local site has been offered to the National Park for housing and we want you to consider it.

Why is this important?

The South Downs National Park has a duty 'to conserve and enhance natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage' and a 'duty to foster social well-being of local communities within the National Park'. We demand that the South Downs National Park adheres to their duties and allows us a say in what happens in our village. This beautiful flower-rich hay meadow is at the edge of our village and if it is destroyed the meadow will be lost and we will merge with the next village of Watersfield. The two distinct villages will become a small town. Our village is small, we have a small school, a pub and a church. Our post office is only open 3 mornings a week. There are no jobs and you need a car to get anywhere!

Flower-rich hay meadows were once a common sight in the countryside but sadly since the 1930's they have declined by a shocking 97%. (source: PlantLife). Part of the UK’s natural and cultural heritage, nearly 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadows have now been lost.

Meadows like this are now sadly very rare. They are a crucial habitat for farmland wildlife. "We regularly see Barn Owls sweeping across the meadow late at night. Buzzards and Red Kites following the farmer when he cuts the meadow for hay. A fox and her cubs have been seen playing only this week in the meadow" said Stephanie Croft, a local resident.

"I have lived in Coldwaltham for over 50 years, having been born and bred nearby. The destruction of this meadow hurts and worries me, thinking of my children's children never being able to run in or see the flower meadow." said Jasmine Robinson another local resident.

Coldwaltham, West Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • For all the reasons raised by the conservation group, plus the fact that it is SENSELESS to use and spoil this meadow when there are other and better alternatives.
  • Because one day the grandchildren of the planners will realise we have lost all the pollinating Bees and insects; because their elders were too blinkered in meeting their housing targets.


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