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Save disability Day Centre in Falkirk

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Michelle Lochrie
Save disability Day Centre in Falkirk

Reverse the decision to close Bainsford and Camelon Day Centres. Protect the vulnerable disabled service users who rely on the day centres for their independence and freedom of choice on how they live their lives

Why is this important?

Because it will isolate the Adults who use these Day Centres and they will have nothing to look forward to also they will miss their friends and activities and the independence they have and it will stop Parents/Carers having much needed respite and time to their self.

My daughter Marie who is affected by closures has fought back after 2 strokes caused by a rare disease called Moyamoya will with my help fight these 2 closures to secure a long term future and choice to attend the day centre to help in my independence and choices how I live my life which will benefit me. Day centre users pay a fixed price every month whether they attend or not either due to sickness or holiday they still have to pay for day centre

How it will be delivered

We plan to send petition to Falkirk Council and the Scottish Parliament also to local mps and councillors


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Reasons for signing

  • We all need to socialise no matter of our ability or disability ,we all love a chat or just others presence around us ,solidarity makes humans insane!lets rise against such inhuman behaviour
  • Plenty children and adults need this as a lifeline


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