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To: Barnet Council


We want you to reverse the decision to remove the diving facility at Barnet Copthall.

Why is this important?

Once this goes, that will be it. This is a service to the children in north London, the nearest one is Olympic park, and the other one is about 15-20 miles away.

If it closes, then taking our children diving three times a week is not going to happen.

My daughter, Hattie, only tried her first diving lesson last week, and she has been waiting to get in the team for so long, and they are all part of a team, a squad, young kids who pull together.

If they were going to tear up a football pitch, people would be up in arms.

Taking this facility away means that the current Tom Daley diving squad will have to travel 15-20 miles for the nearest like for like board heights. These kids train three times a week and take part in National Competitions.

How it will be delivered

We will email this petition to Barnet Council.

Follow us on: and share the news

London Borough of Barnet

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Reasons for signing

  • My kids are using the facility.
  • Barnet Copthall IS NOT Barnet Copthall WITHOUT BARNET DIVING. #SaveBarnetDiving
  • I used to have swimming lessons there as a young child and then continued to use the pools well into my early adulthood - it should be saved.


2019-03-19 21:30:01 +0000

Please keep sharing. Only 300 signs more to hit 10K!

2019-03-14 15:35:26 +0000

We are asking our new supporters and old friends to help spread the petition again.

2018-07-21 15:12:56 +0100

Hi All! We need a little favour please - can you leave us a positive comment our our exciting project page here:
Please do ask friends and family also! The more the merrier! Thank you

2018-04-21 06:20:38 +0100

Our recent update

2018-03-30 09:20:54 +0100

This is a MUST watch - exactly the type of activity we want to make the norm in North London ( the Aviva voting is closed but the video is fab)

2018-03-30 09:09:09 +0100

Follow us on LinkedIn too

2018-03-30 09:06:34 +0100

Love our new Patron joining Joanna Lumley

2018-03-30 09:05:17 +0100

Excited to announce we have joined the Young Barnet Foundation

2017-11-05 20:26:22 +0000

When you have watched the video below - please vote for us here 📲🤞🏽💦

2017-11-05 20:25:31 +0000

Please take a moment to watch the video in the link and then vote for us in the #avivacommunityfund

2017-06-26 06:32:32 +0100

It's because of YOU that our journey continues!

2017-06-10 21:12:46 +0100

2017-05-30 21:34:50 +0100

Don't forget our Triathlon on June 18th at Saracens! The diving squad will cycle, run and dive to raise funds for a new deep water pool for the community.
Follow us on social media for timings...#savebarnetdiving is now North London Aquatics 🤳🏽

2017-03-05 09:34:29 +0000

Our new Patron!

2017-03-03 19:08:55 +0000

Look out for our Crowdfunding news coming very soon!

2017-02-10 11:53:16 +0000

We are looking for Patrons for our new #Charity - please email

2017-02-10 11:52:23 +0000

There is a new public diving session at Barnet Copthall on Saturdays 2-3pm - check with the leisure centre for any session changes before arrival. Come along and dive for fun!

2017-01-29 19:06:55 +0000

We look forward to working with Barnet Council making a regional diving facility a reality in North London. We are evolving from #SaveBarnetDiving to North London Aquatics.
#NorthLondon #Aquatics #Diving #Sport #GrassRoots 📝
Want to be part of our exciting success story?

2017-01-27 17:27:26 +0000

Barnet Copthall to add a further public diving session from 11th Feb

2017-01-21 18:56:20 +0000

We are making deep water sport a reality in North London! Who's in?!

2017-01-19 06:38:29 +0000

2016-12-14 04:46:38 +0000

2016-12-14 04:45:06 +0000

2016-12-04 19:00:04 +0000

Important stuff to read and hope to see you on Dec 13th

2016-11-29 14:30:26 +0000

We have a 3 minute slot at the Policies meeting on Thursday at 7pm -Hendon Town Hall

2016-11-28 12:12:00 +0000

Despite over 9000 signatures the Sports Consultancy recommend that no deep water pool is included in the 30 million pound leisure centres.
The Sports Consultancy also were commissioned to write the first feasibility study. We have grave concerns that this is not open, fair or unbiased.

2016-11-28 12:05:35 +0000

Don't forget we are handing in our petition today at 4.30pm at North London Business Park

2016-11-25 19:38:40 +0000

2016-11-23 22:16:12 +0000

Even though over 8500 have signed - Barnet council still say NO to including diving in the new 30 million pound leisure centres. The report by the Sports Consultancy is full of inaccuracies even now.

2016-11-23 09:28:09 +0000

Come and support us handing in our petition!

2016-11-20 10:28:00 +0000

Exciting news - we have smashed our 7000 signatures goal and now have 8500 in total! Each and every one of you is part of our campaign! Thank you!
We have two dates for you:
Handing in the petition on Monday 28th November 4.30pm at North London Business Park
13th December - Full Council Meeting - details to follow.
The campaign is not yet over - stay posted on Twitter & FB for updates!

2016-11-11 18:47:19 +0000

5,000 signatures reached

2016-10-26 10:32:45 +0100

The Residents Forums are this evening. Please do attend if you can. We will be at Hendon Town Hall at 6.30pm. Hope to see you there #SaveBarnetDiving

2016-10-24 18:30:45 +0100

2016-10-23 16:10:30 +0100

An update on #SaveBarnetDiving - Barnet Council are conducting another feasibility review over the next few weeks with The Sports Consultancy. This of course doesn't guarantee anything but it is a shift from the council to at least review the diving facility in the new 30 million pound Leisure Centres. We now have 5200 signatures but time is running out to get to our goal of 7000. Planning permission is now live but does not include a review of diving as the council minuted. We really do need your help again please. This last push could secure us a full council meeting but we have to work quickly. We are out on the streets again today gaining paper signatures and would love if you can share our on line petition. You can sign from anywhere in the U.K.
If anyone has any contacts in the world of Sport Funding that can help guide us through these last crucial weeks we would also be very grateful. Thanks for reading. Please message me if you need any more info.

2016-10-17 11:33:37 +0100

We now have over 900 paper signatures! So are looking at around 5200.
We need 1800 more! Please keep sharing! Thank you.

2016-09-26 11:17:02 +0100

2016-09-15 14:39:47 +0100

Please would you mind forwarding the message below to all friends and family

Dear All,
We are a group of parents trying to save the Diving facility at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre. The diving facility is being removed when two new leisure centres are being built. We would appreciate if you could forward our petition to parents, teachers, friends, colleagues & family to sign and share for us please. It takes less than a minute:
Our aim is to reach 7000 signatures to trigger a full council debate.
If you have time, please answer these three short questions:
Thank you for you time & please follow our progress on:

2016-09-15 13:13:11 +0100

Hi All,
Please can you share this link with friends, colleagues, family, clubs etc
Thank you

2016-09-06 14:15:54 +0100

2016-09-06 12:48:47 +0100

Over the next three weekends we will be out and about in the Barnet Borough gaining paper signatures.
Details to follow!

2016-09-01 06:16:33 +0100

We have our five minute slot with the council this eve. Can you come along and support us?
It's at 7pm at Hendon Town Hall. Parking is tricky so try the side streets. Thanks for reading!

2016-09-01 06:15:14 +0100

2016-08-14 06:06:51 +0100

Can we please get 9 more likes on the Facebook Page today?

2016-08-14 06:05:15 +0100

2016-08-09 13:39:03 +0100

Please keep signing and sharing! Thank you.
Use the hashtag #SaveBarnetDiving to follow our progress!

2016-08-09 13:33:27 +0100 check out Chloe's #Olympic dream

2016-07-24 14:20:08 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2016-07-22 19:20:25 +0100

500 signatures reached

2016-07-19 22:41:22 +0100

100 signatures reached

2016-07-18 12:27:10 +0100

50 signatures reached

2016-07-17 22:02:57 +0100

25 signatures reached

2016-07-16 13:30:35 +0100

10 signatures reached

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